GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH We perform all types of research specializing in research in North America and some European countries
DNA Test required for this service. DNA is the new tool that has unlocked a new door to Adoption Research
What does  your DNA raw data genetic report say about you. and its uses. DNA test required  
OTHER GENEALOGICAL RELATED SERVICES & SOURCES  Our scope of research contacts and business partners are worldwide
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Jackson & Platt LLC

 We are an investigative firm specializing in Genealogical  Research. Our services include tracing family histories ,  identifying adoptee’s  lost relatives, and assisting in identifying  health histories through our Genetic Consulting and DNA  Interpretation Services. Through the use of DNA research we  have been able to identify  blood relatives of adoptees. Our  detective skills are top notch in aiding our clients with  professional research. We offer competitive rates on different  packages depending on what you are seeking. Each research  package have price caps where the research is performed in  increments of 2-3 hours at a time at which time our clients  examine the findings contained in our documented reports and  decide whether they wish to continue or not. For established  clients, we offer contract work with a pre established time  frame. For attorneys, we peform contract work for determining  heirs in court cases regarding estates, wills and probate. The  firm is staffed by D.R. Jackson, Research Specialist & Genealogist  of Cleveland, Ohio and Kimberly Platt, Genetic Genealogist  working out of our Nevada location. Our testimonials speak for  themselves.  Follow the links below by clicking on the images to  learn more about our services. Refer to the link bar at the top of  this page to see a complete  selection of our services, payment  options and other related information pages. Contact us for free  consultations and estimates. For information relating to special  pricing and or promotions that may be currently available, visit  our News Page by following the navigation bar at the top of this  page.  CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW EACH IMAGE


Jackson & Platt LLC Investigative Services
Contact Us  Jackson & Platt LLC - P.O. Box 30248 Middleburg Hts, OH. 44130 Pn. (440-) 539-2725 Fax (440) 842-7929 Email - d.jackson@jacksonandplatt.com k.platt@jacksonandplatt.com Join our LinkedIn Worldwide network of over one thousand Genealogists, Authors, Publishers & Business Associates www.linkedin.com/pub /d-r- jackson/29/a83/422/ Member  - Ontario Genealogical     Society Association of Professional Genealogists International Society of Genetic Genealogists